Certified sustainability

As a wholesaler for packaging, the topics of sustainability and resource conservation are particularly important to us. We are aware of our responsibility and make sure that everything we do is always sustainable and environmentally friendly. To ensure this, we are both FSC-certified and awarded the Blue Angel.

FSC-certified carrier bags and waste bags

Vegetable raw materials, especially cellulose, form the basis for our paper carrier bags and rubbish bags. We therefore bear a special responsibility when using these raw materials, which we of course live up to.

Our paper products are made from 100% renewable raw materials, are CO2-neutral and biodegradable. Through the independent certification by the FSC, we ensure the resource-saving use of the raw material wood.

As confirmation, we have had the FSC seal for some time. Incidentally, only certified companies are allowed to label their products with the FSC seal.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

FSC is the most reliable organization for safeguarding important environmental and social standards in the forest. With standards that apply worldwide, the unprecedented involvement of all relevant interest groups and the support of well-known companies as well as recognized independent environmental and social organizations, FSC is considered the most credible solution for sustainable forest management.

The Blue Angel

The Blue Angel has been the federal government’s environmental label for over 40 years. Independent and credible, it sets demanding standards for environmentally friendly products and services.

For our garbage bags we use at least 80% recycled plastic waste in production. Our goal is to actively contribute to the reduction of waste and to avoid using fossil raw materials.

This means that we can set an example in the production of our rubbish bags and label them with our Blue Angel certification.


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