rPET salad bowls and food boxes

Discover our new and sustainable rPET range

We provide a wide range for catering area. From salad, fruit and vegetable bowls to clear cups. The stylish packaging turns every dish into an appetizing and hygienic eye-catcher. With us you will find the perfect solution for all requirements and purposes. We offer you a compact solution for your packaging concept, as the take-away box is available in many sizes and shapes. They are suitable for cold, hot and even for semifluid food. Therefore, you will achieve optimal use of your presentation area and if well sealed you will grant a safe transport.

We at WBV focus on sustainability!

We not only want to offer our customers the opportunity to provide resource-saving products, we also want to make our contribution to the environment. Thus, we focus on sustainability during the manufacture of our products. The recyclable rPET is recovered from collected PET bottles. The collected bottles get cleaned, shredded and then reused for production of rPET products such as ours. The rPET products itself can be added back to the recycling system. As a result, the resources can be saved intense. Processing steps can be minimized, which highly reduces Co² emissions as well as energy and resources. In our gastro range we do not only focus on the environmental considerations but also combine with quality, safety and many years of experience.

Key facts:

  • energy-and resource saving, because of it´s 80% recycled part
  • produced from recycled PET-bottles, which corresponds to a 50% better ecological balance
  • minimizes the Co² footprint of the consumer
  • produced in the EU
  • certified for the direct contact with food
  • clear-transparent, ideal for take-away and delivery services
  • leakproof, light weight and highly stable
rPET Salatschalen und Foodboxen
Salatschale mit Deckel - transparent
Salatschale mit Deckel - schwarz

Salad bowls / Food boxes

transparent salad bowls/food boxes oval

article no.volumeamount/VE
426 000250ml600
426 001375ml750
426 002500ml450
426 003750ml500
426 004750ml, Duo400
426 0051000ml400
426 0061500ml300
426 0072000ml300


transparent salad bowls/food boxes rectangular

426 008125ml600
426 009250ml600
426 010375ml600
426 011500ml900
426 012750ml400
426 0131000ml400
426 0141500ml400


transparent salad bowls/food boxes round

426 015150ml700
426 016250ml600
426 017375ml400
426 018500ml500
426 019600ml400
426 020750ml300
426 0211000ml400


Salad bowl/Food boxes black

article no.descriptionvolumeamount/VE
426 030black500ml600
426 031black600ml600
426 032black1000ml450
426 033transparent lid for 500ml/600ml bowl500ml/600ml600
426 034transparent lid for 1000ml bowl1000ml450


Salad bowl/Food boxes transparent

article no.descriptionvolumeamount/VE
426 035transparent500ml600
426 036transparent600ml600
426 037transparent1000ml450
426 038transparent lid for 500ml/600ml bowl500ml/600ml600
426 039transparent lid for 1000ml bowl1000ml450

Premium Salad bowls

Premium salad bowl Combi

426 085including lid, transparent750ml300
426 086including lid, transparent1000ml300
426 087including lid, transparent1500ml150


Premium salad bowl Combi – black

426 093including lid, black750ml300
426 094including lid, black1000ml300
426 095including lid, black1500ml150


Premium salad bowl available with a separate lid

426 088transparent750ml300
426 089transparent1000ml300
426 090transparent lid for 750ml & 1000ml bowl750ml/1000ml300
426 091transparent1500ml300
426 092transparent lid for 1500ml bowl1500ml300


Premium salad bowl available with a separate lid black

426 096black750ml300
426 097black1000ml300
426 098transparent lid for 750ml/1000ml bowl750ml/1000ml300
426 099black1500ml300
426 100transparent lid for 1500ml bowl1500ml300

Diamond bowls

Diamond bowl black available with a separate lid

426 112Diamond bowl, black500ml500
426 113Diamond bowl, black600ml500
426 114Diamond bowl, black1000ml300
426 115transparent lid for 500 ml & 600 ml bowl500ml/600ml500
426 116transparent lid for 1000 ml bowl1000ml300


Diamond bowl transparent available with a separate lid

426 117Diamond bowl, transparent500ml500
426 118Diamond bowl, transparent600ml500
426 119Diamond bowl, transparent1000ml300
426 120transparent lid for 500 ml & 600 ml bowl500ml/600ml500
426 121transparent lid for 1000 ml bowl1000ml300

Trays for bakery supplies

Bakery-/pastry supplies

article-no.length (mm)width (mm)height (mm)amount/VE
426 04021718036,5300
426 041239167,534,5300
426 04221615960200
426 043268207,595200
426 04415015578500
426 04513814088500
426 046190202,580300
426 047246242,587,5250
426 04828921682200
426 04927627588100
426 05019811277500
426 05119511990400
426 05216513229600
426 05323016060200
426 05423016050200
426 055220130271000
426 05622017027504
426 05722017047504
426 05824518027150
426 05924518043150
426 06018013025900
426 06126512528600
426 06227019050450
426 06327019025504

Catering trays

Gastro tray

article-no.descriptionlength (mm)width (mm)height (mm)amount/VE
426 122black32626620120
426 123black32626640120
426 124black32626650120
426 125black32626665100
426 126black32626680100
426 127black32626610080


Serving -/catering tray

article-no.descriptionlength (mm)width (mm)height (mm)amount/VE
426 128including lid, black35024720200
426 129including lid, transparent36026065100
426 130including lid, black4553022250
426 131including lid, transparent4653126550
426 132including lid, black54036030100
426 133including lid, transparent5503706550

Fruit and Vegetable trays & containers


article-no.descriptionlength (mm)width (mm)height (mm)amount/VE
426 064fruit and vegetable tray, transparent1569563750
426 065fruit and vegetable tray, black1569563750
426 066container for carrots, transparent, 0,5kg24314538600
426 067container for carrots, black, 0,5kg24314538600
426 068container for carrots, transparent 1 kg24314565640
426 069container for carrots, black, 1 kg24314565640
426 070container for mushrooms, transparent18614561450
426 071container for mushrooms, black18614561450
426 072fruit and vegetable tray, transparent18614536,5480
426 073fruit and vegetable tray, black18614536,5480
426 074container for arugula salad, transparent18614580480
426 075container for arugula salad, schwarz18614580480
426 076container for 2 avocados, transparent172114341.350
426 077container for 2 avocados, black172114341.350
426 078container for 3 avocados, transparent14414425,3900
426 079container for 3 avocados, black14414425,3900
426 080container for cut up salad18218260460
426 081container for cut up salad (with holes)18218260460
426 082container for herbs/Herbbowl19378411.530
426 083sealable salad bowl, transparent1801807050
426 084sealable salad bowl, black1801807050

Clear Cups

Ideal for the presentation of cold drinks like smoothies, milkshakes, ice tea and also for deserts like yoghurt and ice cream. Available with a suitable lid for all purposes; Flat lid, dome lid with a hole or a dome lid without a hole or a dome lid without a hole for a leakproof transport.

Clear Cups & lids

article-no.descriptionlength (mm)width (mm)height (mm)amount/VE
426 103sealable cup939350,51200
426 104Clear Cups 0,2l959572,6800
426 106Clear Cups 0,3l9595110800
426 107Clear Cups 0,4l9595130800
426 108dome lid10010038800
426 109dome lid with a hole10010038800
426 110lat lid999914,3800
426 111flat lid with cross marking999914,3800
Salatschale mit Deckel - transparent
Salatschale mit Deckel - schwarz

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