Technical tapes of all kinds:
Alu-tape, cloth tape (duct tape), strapping tape, filament tape, carpet tape

You can find all kinds of technical tapes in our product range.

Carpet tape

These carpet tapes are optionally made with a PP or cloth backing, coated on both sides with a good aging-resistant adhesive. The separation layer is a smooth, yellowish, siliconized paper, which is removed before processing. The tapes are designed for the non-slip laying of carpets and are particularly suitable for all usual surfaces, including metal and wood. Excellent double-sided adhesive tape for many purposes in the private and commercial sector!

Ulith 468

Gewebe, 200my Hot-Melt 50mm x 25m

Ulith 469E

PP, 80my Hot-Melt 38mm x   5m 50mm x   5m 38mm x 10m 50mm x 10m 38mm x 25m 50mm x 25m 25mm x 25m 25mm x 50m 50mm x 50m

Ulith 468E

Gewebe, 180my Hot-Melt 25mm x 25m 25mm x 50m 50mm x   5m 50mm x 10m 50mm x 25m 50mm x 50m

Ulith 469

PP, 110my Hot-Melt 48mm x 25m 50mm x 25m
Carpet tape

Cloth tape, filament tape, strapping

We offer you:

PE-coated cloth tapes (also called all-round tapes, duct tapes, stone tapes, gaffa tapes) with natural rubber / solvent adhesive. Suitable for many applications such as packaging, bundling, covering or sealing work and in pipeline construction.

PP filament tapes with hot melt adhesive and optionally longitudinally or longitudinally + cross reinforced with glass fibres. Suitable for securing pallets, for bundling and packing heavy cartons or bundling metal and plastic pipes.

Impact-resistant PP strapping tapes with an aggressive, transparent hot melt adhesive. Suitable for securing pallets of various cargo and for the reinforcement and bundling of various materials.




48mm x 50m
50mm x 50m


längs und quer


50mm x 50m

Gewebe-518 farbig


Gelb, Rot,
Schwarz, Weiss

48mm x 50m




12mm x 66m
15mm x 66m
19mm x 66m
25mm x 66m


längs verstärkt


12mm x 50m
15mm x 50m
19mm x 50m
25mm x 50m
38mm x 50m
50mm x 50m
75mm x 50m




19mm x 50m

Cloth tape, filament tape, strapping

ALU tapes

We provide pure or PE-cushioned ALU tapes for joining insulation materials, for use as moisture barriers for butt joints and as a repair or cover tape.

Data sheets on request
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aus Rein-Alu


50mm x 50m


PP, Alu-bedampft
1-Zoll Kern


50mm x   50m
50mm x 100m
75mm x 100m

ALU tapes

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