Soldering and welding for stable connection of metal

We carry all hard and soft solders in the warehouse, with and without flux filling, and rosin and stearin tin solder. Of course, we also have Saturn rolled lead in roll form, in various dimensions in the warehouse.

For the drinking water installation, we offer our Ulith soft solder metal paste, and solder sal ammoniac and soldering fluid brush. You can also find silver hard solder, cadmium free solder and solder containing phosphorous, and Ulith hard solder paste with us.

For fusion welding of non-alloyed and low-alloy steels, we carry gas welding rods (autogenous welding rod) in accordance with DIN 8554.

To weld copper materials, simply use our copper welding rods.

Of course, we offer you all of this at top quality, at the best prices.

Soldering and welding for stable connection of metal

Our soldering and welding products:

  • Tin solder in rods
  • Rosin and stearin tin solder
  • Ulith soft solder
  • Soft solder without flux filling
  • Saturn rolled lead
  • Ulith soft solder metal paste
  • S-39
  • S-39 N
  • S-39 Rovista-N
  • Sal ammoniac solder, pressed
  • Soldering fluid brush
  • Assembly or workshop bottle for soldering fluid
  • Assembly or workshop bottle for hydrochloric acid
  • Ulith cleaning fleece
  • Silver alloys
  • Cadmium free solder
  • Solder containing phosphorus
  • Ulith L-CuP6
  • Ulith L-Ag2P
  • Ulith L-Ag5P
  • Ulith L-Ag15P
  • Ulith hard solder paste 1
  • Gas welding rod in accordance with DIN 8554 (autogenous welding rod)
  • Copper welding rod S-CuAg
  • Ulith heat and flame protection mat

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