Portable dispensers for self-adhesive tapes

We offer dispensers for adhesive tapes up to a 50mm or 75mm width for manual box sealing or as a desktop dispenser. Manual dispensers are available with and without brake mechanisms. Table-top dispensers are available as bag sealers, table-top dispensers with clamps, strip dispensers and address protection film dispensers. Our range also includes dispensers with a noise reducing function, which is suitable as Twincore variant for 2” and 3” inch cores.

All dispensers make your daily work easier with adhesive tapes for a wide variety of purposes. A wide range of products, from light-weight plastic dispensers to professional metal tools with ergonomically shaped handles, offers you the best possible choice for your company and your employees.

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Ring-Handabroller mit Bremse bis 25mm bis 38mm bis 50mm Ringhandabroller H50


Standard aus Kunststoff mit Bremse bis 50mm


Noise-Reducer für 2″ und 3″ Pack-Bänder mit Bremse bis 50mm K206B Noise-Reducer


Standard aus Kunststoff mit Bremse bis 50mm

K20/K20B K75/K75B

Profi-Abroller aus Metall mit/ohne Bremse bis 50mm bis 75mm Profi Abroller


Tischabrollgeräte diverse Anwendungen bis   12mm bis   19mm bis   50mm bis 150mm T7, T3, T12 Abrollgeräte
Adhesive-tape dispenser

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