Thread sealing – with sealing tape, sealing thread, sealing past or flax / hemp

We provide the complete range of products for thread sealing. Whether threaded sealing tape, flat sealing flax, sealing pastes or thread glue – with us you will find top quality at the best prices.

Depending on whether it is a metal or plastic thread, you are installing a heating system or have to guarantee drinking water quality – with us, you will find all installation supplies. Of course, our products also offer safety under high pressure, and are approved for use at high temperatures.

Our highlight for the perfect seal –
Ulith 240 (Twineflon®)

Revolutionary, patented thread sealing strips made of 100 % PTFE for sealing metal and plastic threads. Ulith 240 can change its shape, and so forms a PTFE film in the exact thickness required, when connecting the thread. Previous thread sealing products are static, and retain their original form.


Ulith 240 is extremely soft and flexible. The strand fills the existing gaps when screwing in the thread, and creates a guaranteed sealed connection!

Due to the exclusive use of pure PTFE in the production of Ulith 240, all the known advantages of this raw material could be used:

Our highlight for the perfect seal – Ulith 240 (Twineflon) - WBV worldwide


Wind Ulith 240 in the thread direction, starting at the beginning of the pipe, randomly, on approx. 10 mm of the thread. The strand should therefore overlap at some points.

Cut the strand with the 360° knife, and press the end of the strand into the thread. Press 2-3 drops of the lubricant provided, directly onto the Ulith 240 strand, and distribute over the wrapping. Screw on counterpart and tighten with pliers, adjust if necessary (backtwists up to 45° have been tested and certified).


Ulith 240 is delivered as a 175-m spool, in a specially developed, handy plastic box, and can be used directly from this packaging. The protected 360° knife and the liquid installation aid are integrated in the packaging (12 boxes / display carton).


  • DVGW [German Association for gas and water applications] for gas, in accordance with DIN EN 751-3 FRp and GRp and DIN 30660
  • drinking water test in accordance with KTW recommendation of the Federal Health Office
  • DVGW test up to 100 bar in accordance with DIN EN 751-3 FRp and GRp at room temperature
  • WRC approval for Great Britain
  • ASTM F423 – tested for vapour and cold water (tested by DuPont)

Advantages of use

  • Can be used immediately, and without additional aids or knowledge
  • Very reasonably priced per application compared to other sealing products
  • Easy to use without special installation techniques, therefore enormous time saving and low cost
  • Can be used with all screw types
  • Works perfectly even at temperatures from -200 °C to +240 °C
  • Can be used with almost all liquids and gases
  • Easy to cut due to the 360° knife in the lid of the dispenser box
  • The dispenser box protects against soiling, and fits in any tool bag

Advantages of the material

  • No expiry date and no drying out of the product
  • Resistant to solvents, acids and aggressive chemicals
  • Resistance to fungi, mould and bacteria attack
  • Resistance to enzymatic and microbiological attacks
  • Completely non-combustible

All products for thread sealing

  • PTFE-thread sealing strips
  • PTFE-flax sealing tape
  • PTFE-round cord
  • Flax in dolls
  • Flax in dolls semi-clear
  • Flax in dolls 200g (4x50g)
  • Ulith sealing flax
  • Ulith flax dispenser
  • Ulith flax spool
  • Flax ball 100g
  • LOXEAL hemp substitute
  • LOXEAL PTFE liquid sealant
  • Tangit Uni-Lock
  • Ulith thread sealing paste
  • Ulith cement
  • Sealing paste 2000
  • Neo-Fermit
  • Sculptural-Fermit
  • Fermit-special
  • Fermitol liquid
  • High pressure-Fermit
  • Aqua-Fermit
  • Fermitex
  • Fireproof boiler cement
all products for thread sealing
all products for thread sealing

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