Processing equipment and accessories

Of course, we also have the relevant processing equipment and accessories in our range. Buckles galvanized or phosphate for weather guard strapping. Seals for PP strapping. Plastic buckles for PP strapping.

Tensioner and sealing device for PP strapping. Portable dispenser for weather guard strapping. Mobile dispenser for PP and PET strapping. Strap tensioner. Corner pieces with and without spike.

As with all of our articles, the same applies to our strapping: With us you will find top quality at the best prices.

Portable dispenser 920

For PET textile strapping WG or WGW with 76 mm core Portable with tool tray

Buckles 952 galvanized

For PET textile WG strapping glued (hot-melt)
For 13, 16, 19, 25, 35 mm strapping width

Corner pieces 960

Up to 21 mm strapping width with/without spike

Metal seals 951 serrated

13 x 28 x 0,50 mm
16 x 28 x 0,50 mm
Suitably for combination tool 995

Dispenser 925

For PP- and PET-strapping Stable execution with tool tray
Adjustable to 150, 200, 280 and 406 mm-core

Tensioner 990

For PP-, PET- and textile strapping WG and WGW Up to 19 mm strapping width

Buckles 953 phosphated

For PET textile WGW woven and also WG strapping for 13, 16, 19, 25 mm strapping width

Plastic buckles 961

With burls
13 mm and 16 mm

Combination tool 995

For PP strapping up to 16 mm width
tensioning – sealing – cutting

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