PP, PET or weather guard strapping

We offer you a large selection of strapping made of various materials – whether PP strapping for carton fastening and light pallet goods or PET strapping for fully automatic strapping machines as well as for all other types of strapping machines. This is a real alternative to steel strapping or weather guard strapping for transport security of heavy and bulky goods.

PP strapping

We offer our black embossed polypropylene strapping in 9 to 16-mm strip widths. It is suitable for processing with metal seals, plastic buckles and for welding.

The PP strapping is suitable for cardboard closure or securing light pallet goods.

Core sizes available

  •   62 mm core – small reel for manual processing
  • 200 mm core – for all current semi and fully automatic machines
  • 280 mm core – for all current fully automatic machines
  • 406 mm core – for fully automatic pallet strapping machines or manual processing on dispensers
  • Dispenser boxes for manual processing
WBV worldwide - PP strapping

PET strapping

Our green embossed PET strapping is available in 12 to 19-mm widths. With its core size of 406 mm, it is ideally suited for fully automatic machines and manual processing.

Manual processing on dispensers with battery tensioning devices or metal seals is also possible.

Our PET strapping is particularly used with heavy cardboard or packaged goods such as paving stones or wood as an alternative to steel straps.

PET strapping

Weather guard strapping – white glued

Our weather guard strapping white glued (hot melt glue) is available in 9 to 35-mm widths, and has a core size of 76 mm. It is processed using a strap tensioner, and the can be closed using a suitable galvanised or phosphated buckle.

Advantages are the high resistance and elasticity, and the low risk of injury compared to steel straps. In addition, it provides good surface protection, is temperature resistant and adapts to any shape.

As it is waterproof and can be retightened at any time, it is the ideal solution to secure pallets, boxes, bags, pipes and hazardous goods. In addition, it impresses with its easy handling and excellent price-performance ratio.

Weather guard strapping – white woven

We offer white woven weather guard strapping in 13 to 25-mm widths, and a core size of 76 mm. It is processed manually using a strap tensioner, and can be closed using a suitable phosphated buckle.

WBV worldwide - Weather guard strapping – white glued

The white woven variant of the weather guard strapping impresses with its high resistance and great elasticity. It has a low risk of injury compared to steel, adapts to any shape, offers good surface protection, and is temperature resistant. It is also waterproof, easy to handle, offers a very good price-performance ratio and is therefore also suitable for securing pallets, boxes, bags, pipes and hazardous goods.

Advantages of the woven variant

  • Even higher resistance to impacts
  • No splicing on sharp edges of packaged goods e.g. timber
  • Very flexible
  • Also ideal as a “load safety strap”
  • Higher temperature resistance

Baler press strapping

Our baling press strapping is made of white glued weather guard strapping. It has widths from 9 to 13 mm, a core size of 60 or 64 mm, and was specially developed for use in baling machines.

Processing equipment and accessories

Of course, we also have the relevant processing equipment and accessories in our range:

  • Buckles galvanised or phosphate for weather guard strapping
  • Seals for PP strapping
  • Plastic buckles for PP strapping
  • Tensioner and sealing device for PP strapping
  • Portable dispenser for weather guard strapping
  • Mobile dispenser for PP and PET strapping
  • Strap tensioner
  • Corner pieces with and without spike

As with all of our articles, the same applies to our strapping: With us you will find top quality at the best prices.

Processing equipment and accessories

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