Technical aerosols for conservation and cleaning

Starting with CFC free leak detector spray or leak finder in the pump bottle, we offer you all sprays that are needed in industry. Of course, we also carry metal sprays for corrosion protection, and the repair of damaged parts or surfaces. This includes zinc spray, zinc aluminium spray, aluminium spray, stainless steel spray, brass spray and copper spray.

WD-40 – the multifunctional spray

Of course, you can also find the classic amongst multifunctional sprays in our range. WD-40 is silicone free, displaces moisture, removes rust, protects against corrosion, and serves as a cleaner and lubricant.


Sprays for special applications

We also carry Ulith separating spray, silicone spray, PTFE spray and rust remover in the range. You can obtain any of these in the 400 ml can.

You can also find cutting oil spray, thread cutting fluid, vessel filler and special cleaners such as burner-cleaner spray and boiler cleaner spray with us.

You can use these to reliably clean e.g. heavily soiled burner parts, and oil and gas driven boiler systems.

With all our sprays, we offer you top quality at the best prices – as with all our products.


Our spray products at a glance:

  • Ulith leak detector spray
  • Ulith leak finder
  • Leak finder pump bottle
  • Ulith zinc spray
  • Ulith zinc aluminium spray
  • Ulith aluminium spray
  • Ulith stainless steel spray
  • Ulith brass spray
  • Ulith copper spray
  • WD-40
  • Ulith separating spray
  • Ulith silicone spray
  • Ulith PTFE spray
  • Ulith rust remover
  • Ulith cutting spray
  • Ulith thread cutting fluid
  • Ulith vessel filler
  • Ulith connection adapter
  • Ulith burner cleaning spray
  • Ulith universal boiler cleaning spray
  • Ulith pressure pump atomiser
  • Ulith dosage extension
  • Ulith liquid binding agent

Your one stop shop

For over 30 years, specialist installation supplies wholesalers have trusted in the competence of our company. With the diversity of our ranges, product quality of our brand Ulith, pricing through worldwide purchasing, availability of products and perfect product logistics, we offer a convincing range of services.

Worldwide import and the acceptance of large quantities guarantees you top quality products at reasonable prices.

WBV worldwide – Technical aerosols for conservation and cleaning
WBV worldwide – Technical aerosols for conservation and cleaning
WBV worldwide – Ulith pressure pump atomiser

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